State Cup Concludes with Thrilling Girls' Weekend
EFC Teams Earn 4 State Championships and 3 Presidents Cup Div 1 Titles Overall

(May 8, 2017)  It was a great weekend for Eastside FC and state championship soccer. The club had eight teams headed into Saturday's semifinals at Starfire for State Championship and Presidents Cup tournaments in the last weekend of Washington Youth Soccer's 2016-2017 season. Five Eastside FC high-school-age girls' teams, U15 and older, moved on to championship matches on Sunday, and four earned the state title for their respective age groups and divisions.

Add to the list the boys' and girls' teams that closed out their state cup runs earlier than the girls this weekend, and Eastside FC has had thirteen teams in 2017 state finals; seven earned championships: four titles earned in the Washington Youth Soccer State Championships and three in the state's Presidents Cup. EFC girls now own half of the titles (4 of 8) that were at stake in the 2017 Washington Youth Soccer State Championships.

Girls' Weekend Results

Eastside FC G99 Red, Coach Lance Fischbach, U18 State Champions

Eastside FC G99 Red, coached by Lance Fischbach, won the U18 state title after a stunning 5-2 victory over Crossfire G99 A in the final on Sunday, May 7th, the perfect way to wrap up and put a ribbon on what proved an amazing year. To kick off its soccer season last August, the team went undefeated and won the top division of the invitation-only San Diego Surf Cup.  The girls then finished atop the US Youth Soccer Far West Regional League (FWRL) Northwest in the U18 age group, winning seven straight league matches, again undefeated, before going on to finish first in Washington Youth Soccer's Regional Club League (RCL), playing up at U19 and going undefeated in 14 straight matches. Wrapping up State Cup with the championship, the team, in fact, did not drop a single match all year.

Coach Fischbach is incredibly proud of the team. "This group is tremendous! They have matured as a team and have developed into a squad that has learned how to deal with adversity and overcome it -- from injuries to tough games. They have been fabulous at looking for the next best opportunity to respond. I've coached many teams at this age, and this group rivals them all in terms of resiliency, mental toughness. They should be proud of themselves and what they've accomplished together."

Eastside FC actually had two teams in the state Championship semifinals in the U18 age group. Says Porter Lombard, coach of the EFC G99 White team, which won the Presidents Cup the year before, "Our girls really wanted to face each other in the state final. The two teams have been close over the years, and it has been fun to watch. It's a credit to the club to have built such incredible depth in this age group."

Eastside FC G98 Red, Coach Tom Bialek, GU19/20 State Champions

Eastside FC G98 Red is no stranger to the State Championship podium. In fact, this was the team's fourth trip to the Washington Youth Soccer tent after the tournament to claim championship medals, and will be the team's fifth trip to the Region IV Championships. The girls have been to the National Championships twice, and hold a national title from their trip in 2013, which earned a star for the Eastside FC shield. The girls of G98 Red made a statement in this year's Washington Championships, winning five straight, scoring 26 goals, and holding their opponents to just two. Four of Eastside FC's goals came in Sunday's final in a shut-out over the Spokane Sounders G98's.

Says Coach Tom Bialek, also Eastside FC's Director of Coaching, "It was great to watch our teams do so well across the board today. It says something about our emphasis on player development when our older teams have such a strong showing." About his own team, he added, I'm particularly happy we get to play a little longer. It'll be hard to say good-bye to this outstanding group of players. Fortunately, we have Regionals to look forward to in June." After Regionals, and potentially National Championships, play out, most of the G98 Red players are continuing their soccer careers in universities across the country, including at Stanford, Western Washington, Brigham Young, Portland State, and Universities of Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Mexico, Utah and Texas.

Eastside FC G02 Red, Coach Porter Lombard, GU15 State Champions

Coach Porter Lombard had a second team still in the tournament this weekend, Eastside FC G02 Red. "The team peaked at the right time," he says.  The girls shut out their opponents in the quarter- and semifinals, then went on to earn the GU15 State Championship title in dramatic fashion. After allowing a goal, the team responded and drew even at one apiece by the end of two 15-minute OT periods. The U15 final was determined by kicks from the mark. "These girls demonstrated teamwork and a willingness to put in the work." Then, of course, they managed to get the wins in the tournament when it mattered most.

Eastside FC G98 White, Coach Kyle Langowski, GU18/19 Presidents Cup Champions

Eastside FC G98 White marks its fourth Presidents Cup (previously known as "Challenge Cup") championship, having won in 2011, 2012 and 2014. The girls kicked it into high gear by the state quarterfinals in what proved a topsy-turvy GU18/19 first division. They were able to harness their experience and competitive drive, to slip past their opponents by a goal in each of their last three matches, and ultimately beat out a strong WPFC side in the final.

According to Coach Kyle Langowski, "I have had the opportunity to coach these girls since their U14 year, and a hallmark of the group has been the girls' ability to rise to a challenge, showing camaraderie and a great competitiveness. It was fun as a coach to have the opportunity to watch the girls over the last 3 weekends showcase that togetherness and competitive spirit, culminating in their careers at Eastside FC closing on such a high note. Ending as Washington Presidents Cup champions was definitely well earned and greatly deserved."

Earlier in State Cup

Eastside FC G03 Red, Coach Anderson Prestes, GU14 State Champions

The final weekend in April saw a championship claimed by Eastside FC G03 Red. After going undefeated in Winter RCL and finishing comfortably on top of the U14 first divsion, Eastside FC's U14 first team, coached by Anderson "Xinho" Prestes, tested its mettle in the State Championships. The girls finished on top of Group A in bracket play, and ultimately faced the winner of Group B, GS Surf G03A, in the final. After a defensive battle and scoreless draw at the end of regulation, the Eastside girls found a way to get a goal in overtime, and punched their ticket to join the other three EFC state Championship teams in the US Youth Soccer Region IV (Far West Regionals) Championships to be hosted in Redmond this summer.

Eastside FC B03 White, Coach Randall Birkwood, BU14 Presidents Cup Champions

As the EFC 2003 girls earned their way to Regionals, so, too, did Eastside FC B03 White, coached by Randall Birkwood. After a slow start in the Presidents Cup, at the .500 mark with a win, a loss and a tie in bracket play, the 2003 boys stepped up their game in time for the quarter-finals, earning three straight shut-outs against Washington Timbers, Crossfire and WPFC sides.  Unlike the State Championship winners sticking close to home for the Region IV Championships in Redmond, Washington, in late June, Presidents Cup champions move on to Regionals in Salt Lake City, Utah, a couple weeks earlier.

Eastside FC B00 White, David Wharton, BU17 Presidents Cup Champions

The 2003 boys will be joined in Salt Lake City by Eastside FC B00 White, coached by David Wharton, which won the Washington BU17 Presidents Cup title in February. (See full article about the EFC B00 White championship here.)

Final results for Eastside FC teams are as follows:

Eastside FC Teams in
Age Group
BU12 Eastside FC B05 Red - Semifinalist
GU13 Eastside FC G04 Red - Semifinalist
GU14 Eastside FC G03 Red - Champions
BU15 Eastside FC B02 Red - Semifinalist
GU15 Eastside FC G02 Red - Champions
BU16 Eastside FC B01 Red - Finalist
GU16 Eastside FC G01 Red - Semifinalist
BU17 Eastside FC B00 Red - Quarter-finalist
GU17 Eastside FC G00 Red - Semifinalist
BU18 Eastside FC B99 Red - Finalist
Eastside FC G99 Red - Champions
Eastside FC G99 White - Semifinalist
BU19 Eastside FC B98 Red - Quarter-finalist
GU19/20 Eastside FC G98 Red - Champions
Eastside FC Teams in
Age Group Team
GU10, Div 2 7v7
Eastside FC G07 White - Finalist
GU10, Div 3 7v7
Eastside FC G07 Blue - Quarter-finalist
BU11, Div 1
Eastside FC B06 Red, Quarter-finalist
BU11, Div 2
Eastside FC B06 White, Semifinalist
BU11, Div 3
Eastside FC B06 Grey, Quarter-finalist
GU11, Div 1
Eastside FC G06 Red - Semifinalist
GU11, Div 3
Eastside FC G06 Blue - Semifinalist
BU12, Div 2
Eastside FC B05 Blue - Quarter-finalist
GU12, Div 1
Eastside FC G05 White - Finalist
BU13, Div 1
Eastside FC B04 Blue - Semifinalist
GU13, Div 1
Eastside FC G04 White - Quarter-finalist
BU14, Div 1
Eastside FC B03 White, Champions
GU14, Div 1
Eastside FC G03 White - Semifinalist
BU15, Div 1
Eastside FC B02 White - Finalist
BU15, Div 2
Eastside FC B02 Blue - Semifinalist
GU16, Div 1
Eastside FC G01 White - Finalist
Eastside FC B00 White - Champions
Eastside FC B99 White - Semifinalist
GU18/19, Div 1
Eastside FC G98 White - Champions
Eastside FC B98 White - Semifinalist