EFC Girls On Fire at WA State Championships!
8 Girls' Teams into Semifinals or Beyond in 8 Age Groups; More at Presidents Cup

(May 3, 2017) Eastside FC girls are making a statement at this year's state championships. In fact, in Washington Youth Soccer's 2017 State Championship, eight Eastside FC girls' teams have made it to the final weekend, moving into the semfinals or beyond of the nearly 6-week tournament, in what the state calls the "most prestigious tournament, showcasing the highest level of competitive play within the state at the Under 12 through Under 18 age groups." Four teams on the boys side in the State Championships and another fifteen EFC teams in this year's WA Youth Soccer Presidents Cup have accomplished the same in their respective age groups and divisions.

"The club is on fire this season in State Cup," says EFC's Coachng Director, Tom Bialek, of the girls' side. Bialek encourages fans to come out and watch as eight Eastside FC teams in both tournaments are giving it their all this weekend at Starfire for the exciting conclusion of the 2016-2017 season.

So far, EFC G03 Red (pictured above), coached by Anderson Prestes, has earned the ultimate title on the girls' side, as its players earned the right to hoist the Girls U14 championship trophy last weekend along with punching their ticket to the US Youth Soccer Region IV (Far West Regionals) Championships in Redmond this summer.  Six EFC girls' teams are competing for the same honor as the State Championship wraps up for the GU15 - GU19/20 girls Saturday, May 6th, and Sunday, May 7th. The club makes an impressive showing this year in the GU18 age group with two teams in the semifinals, both EFC G99 Red and White, which hope to face each other on Sunday.

Eastside FC Girls' Teams in
Age Group
Sat, May 6
at Starfire
Move On To
Sun, May 7
GU13 Eastside FC G04 Red - Semifinalist --- ---
GU14 Eastside FC G03 Red - Champions --- ---
GU15 Eastside FC G02 Red 10:30 am, #2 1:30 pm, #3
GU16 Eastside FC G01 Red 3:30 pm, #2 2:15 pm, #4
GU17 Eastside FC G00 Red 6:00 pm, #2 1:30 pm, #2
Eastside FC G99 Red
Eastside FC G99 White
3:30 pm, #11
6:00 pm, #11
4:00 pm, #3
GU18/19 Eastside FC G98 Red 10:30 am, #1 11:45 am, #1


Eastside FC Boys' Teams in
2017 Washington Youth Soccer State Championships
Age Group
BU12 Eastside FC B05 Red - Semifinalist
BU15 Eastside FC B02 Red - Semifinalist
BU16 Eastside FC B01 Red - Finalist
BU17 Eastside FC B00 Red - Quarter-finalist
Eastside FC B99 Red - Finalist
BU19 Eastside FC B98 Red - Quarter-finalist


But the club runs deep with hardworking and skilled players, as confirmed by the results in the Washington Youth Soccer Presidents Cup, which also wraps up this weekend. Eastside FC B03 White, coached by Randall Birkwood, and Eastside FC B00 White, coached by David Wharton, earned championships in the first divisions of the BU14 and BU17 age groups, respectively.

Eastside FC Teams in
Age Group Team
Sat, May 6
at Starfire
Move On To
Sun, May 7
GU10, Div 2 7v7 Eastside FC G07 White - Finalist --- ---
GU10, Div 3 7v7 Eastside FC G07 Blue - Quarter-finalist --- ---
BU11, Div 1 Eastside FC B06 Red, Quarter-finalist --- ---
BU11, Div 2 Eastside FC B06 White, Semifinalist --- ---
BU11, Div 3 Eastside FC B06 Grey, Quarter-finalist --- ---
GU11, Div 1 Eastside FC G06 Red - Semifinalist --- ---
GU11, Div 3 Eastside FC G06 Blue - Semifinalist --- ---
BU12, Div 2 Eastside FC B05 Blue - Quarter-finalist --- ---
GU12, Div 1 Eastside FC G05 White - Finalist --- ---
BU13, Div 1 Eastside FC B04 Blue - Semifinalist --- ---
GU13, Div 1 Eastside FC G04 White - Quarter-finalist --- ---
BU14, Div 1 Eastside FC B03 White, Champions --- ---
GU14, Div 1 Eastside FC G03 White - Semifinalist --- ---
BU15, Div 1 Eastside FC B02 White - Finalist --- ---
BU15, Div 2 Eastside FC B02 Blue - Semifinalist --- ---
GU16, Div 1 Eastside FC G01 White 8:00 am, #3 9:15 am, #4
BU17 Eastside FC B00 White - Champions --- ---
BU18 Eastside FC B99 White - Semifinalist --- ---
GU18/19, Div 1 Eastside FC G98 White 6:00 pm, #4 2:15 pm, #1
BU19 Eastside FC B98 White - Semifinalist --- ---

Hope to see you all at Starfire this weekend, clad in your Eastside FC finest.  Go Eastside!