MacKena Carr Reps Region IV in US Olympic Development Program

(Dec 5, 2016)  EFC Coach Lance Fischbach speaks highly of Makena Carr, who's with his EFC G99 Red team. "She's a great kid, and works hard," he says.  "Hers is a good story to share."  We agree.  Carr is co-captain of her Eastside FC team, as well as of her team at Liberty High School, where she is a junior.  She has committed to playing for the University of Washington, starting in the fall of 2017.

Carr participated with the US Youth Soccer Region IV Olympic Development Team (ODP) team at the Girls' Thanksgiving Interregional Tournament in Boca Raton, Florida, over the holiday break.  She has been a permanent fixture on the ODP Region IV travel roster since 2014.

We just caught up with Carr to learn what the experience meant to her.

EFC:  How many games did you play? How did the Region IV Girls 2000 team do?
Carr:  "We played a total of 3 games. Our team lost the first two to the U14 Girl's National Team and to Region III on Sunday and Wednesday, and on Friday we tied to the Region II team, so it wasn't the result that we wanted, but the effort that we gave throughout those three games was still very good."
EFC:  What did you get out of the experience?
Carr:  "What I got out of the experience was the next level of competition. I feel like as the week progressed, we got better.  I personally got better as a player by facing off against talented girls from across the country.  It really boosted my confidence and took my game to another level. Also, the friendships I made with the group of girls on my team was amazing because I got to know them very well.  The laughter and memories we made is something I won't forget."
EFC:  There is a US Youth Soccer campaign out now, #Thankstosoccer. People are sharing what they've learned from playing the game. Is there anything you've learned that you'd like to share?
Carr:  "The game has really boosted my confidence and motivation to work hard -- not just in the sport, but in life, in anything. It helps me succeed in whatever I do or plan to do. I didn't just work hard in Boca, but try to do the same with my Eastside team and my Wshington state ODP team. Soccer has given me the greatest moments that I will never forget throughout my life.  So, thank you soccer!"
EFC:  Is there anything else people should know about the tournament in Boca?
Carr:  "Competing in Boca has been my goal for the past few years. Competing down there and getting the experience couldn't have felt any better, and I am truly honored to represent my region this year."