4 EFC Teams Top Podium at U10/U11 WA 2016 Presidents Cup

(Apr 25, 2016) A limited number of players at any age in any sport can say they won a state-level tournament. Players from four U10 and U11 Eastside FC teams did just that this past weekend as they wrapped up their 2016 Presidents Cup quest at Starfire in Tukwila. Of seventeen EFC teams to emerge from bracket play in the U10 and U11 age groups, eleven saw play this weekend in the Saturday semifinals, six went on to Sunday finals, and four finished as champions in their respective divisions of the state cup tournament.

The Presidents Cup represents the highest level of play in the state of Washington for teams at U10 and U11, making it particularly sweet for Eastside FC G05 Red, which won the GU10 first division, thereby claiming the title of 2016 GU10 State Champions. Eastside FC G05 Red, pictured above, hoisted the coveted cup after a decisive 2-0 win over Seattle United in the division final. The championship match was emblematic of the team's state cup run and its overall 2015-2016 season. Head Coach and EFC Assistant Director of Coaching, Anderson "Xinho" Prestes, explains, "This group was at the top of every tournament or league they played this year.They won 3 out of 4  summer tournaments. They won Fall League and finished tied for first place in the Spring League. They ended their season with an undefeated campaign in State Cup with four wins, ten goals scored, only one goal against. I couldn't be more proud of this young and very talented group of girls," he says. "It has been a great pleasure to be their coach, and I am sure all of them have a bright future in soccer. We had a lot of fun while enjoying great support all season long!"

The girls of Eastside FC's G05 White, coached by Kyle Tatro and pictured above, won the GU10 second division after beating out a strong FWFC side in the finale. The two teams reached a 1-1 draw at the end of regulation, just as they had when they faced off earlier in the tournament. This time, however, Eastside FC got it done in kicks from the mark to earn the "W" and the state cup title.

Eastside FC's G04 Blue team, coached by Dan Bubar, was crowned champion in the GU11 third division. Bubar said of his team, "Once we knew we had qualified for the semifinals, it was all about doing what we've done all year. We knew the opposition well, we've always been competitive, and we just wanted to maintain the same confidence and energy. Our semifinal went into overtime but we scored an OT goal against Blackhills A and won 2-1. Our final against FC Alliance A was very difficult, went to overtime, still tied, and we won in PK's. These girls believed in each other, had fun, and won a championship."

Eastside FC B05 Blue had to get past a tough FC Alliance B05 B team, the only team they'd lost to in bracket play, to earn the BU10 6v6 championship. The two teams faced off twice in the Cup, and the second time, with the championship on the line in the final match-up, the Eastside FC boys fought for a distinctly different outcome, winning 4-2. Overall in the tourney, theirs was a high-scoring performance with 33 goals in six matches; the boys allowed only 15 against.

In addition to the four Eastside FC champions declared on Sunday, two other EFC teams made it to the championships, taking second-place honors to wrap up the season. Eastside FC B05 Red battled its way to the finals in the BU10 first division, only to fall shy with a loss to a competitve Crossfire FC side.  Their brothers of Eastisde FC B05 White likewise made it through to the BU10 second division final. Despite having faced their opponent earlier in the tournament, winning 4-1 at Preston, they battled to a 2-2 draw at the end of regulation, and took a close second after PKs.

One of Washington Youth Soccer’s competitive state-level tournaments, the Washington Youth Soccer Presidents Cup (formerly Challenge Cup) was designed to enhance the accomplishments and skill levels of competitive Under 10 through Under 19 players. The tournament continues for U12 and older age groups through early May.

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Eastside FC 2016 Presidents Cup Results for U10 and U11 Divisions Only


  • Eastside FC B05 Grey D2 - BU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC B05 Grey D1 - BU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC GU9 Juniors - GU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC G05 Grey - GU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC B04 Grey - BU11 Div 3
  • Eastside FC G04 Grey - GU11 Div 3


  • Eastside FC B05 Blue C2 - BU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC B04 White - BU11 Div 2
  • Eastside FC B04 Blue - BU11 Div 3
  • Eastside FC G04 Red A - GU11 Div 1
  • Eastside FC G04 White - GU11 Div 2


  • Eastside FC B05 Red - BU10 Div 1
  • Eastside FC B05 White - BU10 Div 2


  • Eastside FC B05 Blue C1 - BU10 6v6
  • Eastside FC G05 Red - GU10 Div 1
  • Eastside FC G05 White - GU10 Div 2
  • Eastside FC G04 Blue - GU11 Div 3